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Fandom: Veronica Mars

Title: River Flows In You

Author: Clare
Pairing: Logan/Veronica friendship
Rating: R. for strong language
Word Count: 970
Spoilers: Pre-Series, but does allude to information only revealed in 1x21.
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas created it, I'm just playing with it. Don't sue, please. I have no money.

Author's Notes: My first posted fic, so reviews are really appreciated. Beta'd only by myself, because I've been dabbling with this one for months now and I'm just forcing myself to put it out there. Title taken from the track by Yiruma.

Summary: Pre-Series. Post Lilly's murder. The grieving process. When the X-Terra parks in front of her house and Logan stumbles out, walking in a half stupor towards her, she allows herself to hope that maybe she isn’t alone in feeling like this, and immediately hates herself for thinking it.

Reviews are love, and constructive criticism is even better.

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